Explore the Wonders of Our Whimsical Garden Center

Find plants, flowers and custom pottery in Bozeman, MT

When you want to enhance your lifestyle with plants and natural beauty, stop by The Garden Barn. Our garden center in Bozeman, MT offers a fresh and abundant selection of indoor and outdoor plants, as well as one-of-a-kind and gifts for your loved ones.

Our knowledgeable staff will assist you with any plant or gardening questions you have. You won't find another garden center like ours in the area-open year round with a constant supply of plants, pottery, and unique accessories.

You'll Have Fun Exploring Our Garden Nursery

We love being a local escape for gardeners who want to immerse themselves in the best and brightest plants and flowers. Not only will our wonderful staff greet and guide you, but our cute resident cats will also comfort you during your shopping experience. Find everything your home and garden needs by visiting the Garden Barn today.

The Garden Barn is open year-round.

You'll find something to add to your space - no matter the season. Visit our garden center in Bozeman, Montana to discover:

  • Seeds - Beginning in January, we'll carry a full line of Botanical Interests and Livingston Seeds as well as everything you need to get them started right.
  • Bulbs - In March, you'll find a variety of bulbs to provide brilliant summer color, including dahlias, gladiolus and lilies. We also offer seed potatoes, onion bulbs, and other early season vegetables..
  • Vegetable starts - In April our greenhouse will be filled with over 60 varieties of Garden Barn Grown tomatoes; many heirloom and all grown in organic soil. We also carry a huge selection of peppers, salad greens, squash, cucumbers, herbs and more!
  • Backyard citrus trees - Throughout the spring and summer we have backyard citrus trees that make a great patio plant that you can bring inside for the winter. We'll have lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits, and more!
  • Trees and shrubs - We'll have a huge selection of Montana-grown trees and shrubs all season. We have shade trees, flowering trees, fruit trees and more! We carry a constant supply of Bozeman classics like aspen, maple, juniper, spirea, potentilla, and so much more.


In addition to our plants, trees, and flowers, you'll find a wide array of ceramic and clay pottery, garden decor and gifts at our Bozeman, MT location. Come explore the amazing greenery at The Garden Barn today.

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